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2" Gasoline Water Pump

2" Gasoline Water Pump

SKU: TP3202

Introducing our 2" Gasoline Water Pump, specifically designed for the agriculture industry. With a suction and discharge port diameter of 50mm (2"), this powerful pump is ready to tackle the toughest jobs on the farm. Equipped with a 7.0HP gasoline engine and a 3.6L fuel tank, this water pump offers reliability and efficiency when you need it most. Capable of a maximum flow rate of 550L/min, this pump ensures a steady and consistent supply of water for irrigation, livestock, and other agricultural needs. Whether you're looking to drain flooded fields or supply water to your crops, this gasoline water pump is up to the task. Don't let water supply issues hinder your farm's productivity - trust Total's 2" Gasoline Water Pump to deliver the performance you need.

  • Specifications

    Suction&Discharge port diameter:50mm,2"
    Max.head lift:32m
    Max.suction head:8m
    7.0HP gasoline engine
    Fuel tank:3.6L
    Starting system:Recoil

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